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Barcodes Pro Specializes in PARS labels, PAPS labels and U.S. (CBP) and Canada (CBSA) Customs Barcode Labels & Forms. We also set up Carriers for Canadian Carrier Code and U.S. SCAC code.

PARS Labels and PAPS Labels Approved by Canada and U.S. Customs UPC Labels

Barcodes Pro has been providing PARS labels and PAPS Labels since their inception.
What is a PARS Label or PAPS Label? See information below.

PARS Label for Canada Customs and PAPS label for U.S. CustomsPARS & PAPS Labels

What is a PARS bar code?
The Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS) is a bar coded label system used to expedite the clearance of goods into Canada. The labels are sequentially numbered. The first 4 numbers and letters are your companies Canadian Carrier Code issued by CBSA (sometimes called a PARS Code). One label is required for each transaction at the Canadian border. These labels are in a Canada Border Services Agency approved format.
What are PAPS labels?
PAPS (Pre-Arrival Processing System) is a U.S. Shipment Type for goods to clear through CBP. It is the default shipment type for commercial goods entering the United States by truck. The labels are sequentially numbered. The first 4 letters are your companies SCAC Code issued by NMFTA.
What is the difference between PARS & PAPS bar code labels?
The difference between PAPS (Pre-Arrival Processing System) and PARS (Pre-Arrival Review System) bar code labels is that PAPS are used to enter commercially into the United States while PARS are used to enter commercially into Canada.
It is important to note that Carriers assign PARS / PAPS numbers, not the importer. Since carriers are responsible for physically moving commercial shipments over the border, they are the ones that need the Highway Carrier Code (Canada) or SCAC (US), which allow for PARS and PAPS tracking. Barcodes Pro can obtain Canadian Customs Authority (CBSA Canadian Carrier Code) or U.S. Customs (CBP) Authority (SCAC code). Before hauling freight into Canada, your company must be set up with the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) by applying for a CBSA-issued carrier code, a four-character unique identifier used to identify you as a carrier. Barcodes Pro can obtain both Canadian and U.S. codes and explain the process. Please call us at (905) 895-0175 or email us at for information on setup.

Barcodes Pro specializes in PARS labels for Canada Customs and PAPS labels for U.S. Customs. Also A8A-B Cargo Control Labels and Forms for Canada Customs. We also have 7512B U.S. / Canada Transit Manifest forms. What is a 7512B Transit Manifest? Check our Information page for information on 7512B Transit Manifest, A8A-B and PARS & PAPS labels.
Our Barcode Labels are approved by both U.S. and Canada Customs and are Guaranteed to work!

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