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Fast PARS Labels for Canada Customs and PAPS Labels for U.S. Customs
Barcodes Pro Specializes in Canadian PARS labels and U.S. PAPS Customs Barcode Labels and Forms, and has been providing them since their inception. Our PARS and PAPS Labels are approved by Canada Customs and U.S. Customs and are guaranteed to work!

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PARS label for Canada Customs (CBSA)

PARS / ACI Labels (Sets of 1, 2, 3 etc. of each number) PARS Labels
PARS labels are used to expedite clearance of goods from the U.S.A. into Canada. A standard PARS Label includes your Carrier Code (alpha numeric 4 digit code issued to your company by The Canada Border Services Agency), a sequential number and your company name. PARS labels are usually used in sets of 1, 2 or 3 of each number and are attached to your Invoices / Waybills while still in the United States then emailed or faxed to your Canada Customs Broker and ACI eManifest service provider.
What is a PARS Label? See our Information Page.

PAPS label for U.S. CUSTOMS (CBP)

PAPS / ACE Labels - (sets of 1, 2, 3 etc. of each number) PAPS Labels
PAPS labels consist of the U.S. Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC code), a consecutive number followed by a check digit. The PAPS label is attached to the Commercial Invoice / Waybill and Manifest while still in Canada. This information is then faxed ahead to your U.S. Customs Broker and also ACE eManifest service provider.
What is a PAPS Label? See our Information Page.

A8A-B Labels and A8A-B Forms for Canada Customs (CBSA)

A8A-B Cargo Control Labels - sets of 5 each number for A8A-B form.Cargo Control Labels
For Carriers carrying loads to a Bonded Warehouse or using the Release on Minimum Documentation process at the border, your Canadian Carrier Code must be indicated in the A8A-B 5-part Cargo Control Document which you present to Canada Customs as part of the release package. We also can provide pre-printed A8A-B forms with your Canadian Carrier Code and a sequential number printed on the 5-part form.
What is a Cargo Control Label or A8A-B Label? See our Information page.

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